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For runway operations, Privateer™ employs Tricycle landing gear, allowing conventional landing and taxiing.

The aircraft is built of carbon fiber composites, making a light and strong airframe that is protected against the corrosion often associated with water-borne aircraft. Light structure, combined with the 724 HP Walter 601 series turbine engine, will deliver performance not seen by previous amphibians.

Construction is unique, yet simple, which makes for easier fabrication and simplifies maintenance.

The roomy six plus seat cabin (1 Pilot & 5-6 passengers) may have a three-place bench seat across the back of the cabin on production models.

The configuration of the Privateer™ is scalable so variants will accommodate additional passengers.

Privateer's™ cockpit will be simple, making it easy to fly. The aircraft will have an empty weight of less than 3,600 lbs. and a range of 1,000 miles at Max Gross Weight, including a full passenger load.

The shroud design around the propeller significantly increases the propeller efficiency and thrust available for take-off and cruise. A secondary benefit is that the shroud also makes the already quiet turbine even quieter by damping much of the acoustic profile. Our goal, after safety, is to be environmentally friendly to both wildlife and neighboring communities.

Since General Electric has purchased Walter Engines, service and support will not be an issue.

John Meekins, President
Privateer Industries LLC



Bill Husa, Boeing Engineer (Ret.)

Robert Gornstein, Marine Engineer

Kent Ewing, Partner

Cynthia O’Brien, Partner

Alton Meekins, Partner

Alex Meekins, Partner

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